We carry Sikkens paint by Akzo-Nobel. The car paint of choice for the McLaren race team, Sikkens is arguably the highest quality paint not only in Europe, but in the world.

Check out the videos and links below. Our car paint shop techs are artists with decades of experience in matching, mixing and applying paint to cars. Our paint system is as good as it gets. Contact us today to discover more about how we can make your car looks itis best.


Capturing Color
Saturation, tint, hue, shade, luminosity, iridescence, pearlescence… capturing color is a complex science. If your car has custom paint colors, we use Akzo-Nobel’s digital color capture technology to correctly match it every time.

Creating Color
The engineering process at Akzo-Nobel is one of the most rigorous in the world. Their obsession with color and the perfection of color mixes has made the Sikkens line of automotive coatings the global leader in quality.

Service and Support
Akzo-Nobel is widely known to have the best back office and technical support of any paint manufacturer. Classic Paint and Body is a certified Sikkens car paint shop, and we further supplement their paint warranty with a non-transferable lifetime warranty on our labor. We are not responsible for part failures or recalls by the manufacturer, but those are generally covered another way. The work we stand behind for as long as you own the car.

Finding Your Color
We use Akzo-Nobel’s computerized paint system to accurately and rapidly locate the correct color formula for your car. With access to over 800,000 color formulas from Akzo-Nobel, literally every factory paint color ever made in the world and more, Classic can get a perfect color match for any make or model.

Applying Color
Our car paint shop techs work hard every day. The video above demonstrates the Akzo-Nobel paint system. That’s the one we use day in day out. Our paint techs are both artists and technical experts. Which is why we use Sikkens paint from Akzo-Nobel. It’s our kind of paint.

Sikkens Lifetime Warranty
Refinishing a vehicle is a delicate job. The final result depends on both paint products used and the refinishing process.

It is the responsibility of the paint manufacturer to supply products of constant quality, whereas the proper application process is the refinisher’s responsibility.

Sikkens refinishes come with a lifetime warranty, assuring you that we the paint supplier stand behind the quality of the product used to refinish your vehicle.

Refinish with Sikkens paint, the finest automotive paint in the world. The result is a finish you can count on for a lifetime of gleaming perfection. Akzo-Nobel guarantees that the paint repairs completed by approved body shops (like Classic) are free of material defects and will continue to be guaranteed for the lifetime of the vehicle, excluding solvent-blending clear/single stage urethane, as long as the vehicle is owned by the certificate holder.


  1. The Lifetime Warranty Program offered by body shops takes effect from the date of repair shown on the certificate and is valid for the lifetime of the vehicle, excluding solvent-blending clear/single stage urethane, while owned by the customer and not used for commercial purposes.
  2. The Lifetime Warranty Certificate applies to the refinished areas indicated on the certificate and covers the  following defects, if they are prominent and extensive and were not apparent at the time the owner accepted the repair:
    1.  Cracking or checking;
    2. Hazing, chalking or fading leading to a severe loss of gloss;
    3.  Peeling of the topcoat or any layers from the substrate.
  3. Exclusions
    1.  System failures due to pre-existing body rust;
    2. Deterioration of the finish caused by waxes and detergents not intended for automotive use, acid rain, industrial fallout or other environmental effects;
    3. Scratches, abrasions or stone chips, whether intentional or accidental;
    4. Damages caused by another collision.
  4. Should any of the defects covered by this Lifetime Warranty Certificate become apparent, the certificate holder must take the vehicle to the authorised bodyshop that did the work for settlement. The vehicle must be repaired at the bodyshop named on the certificate, unless the certificate holder has relocated outside of a 150km radius of the bodyshop. In the event of such relocation, the certificate holder must use an approved Sikkens bodyshop for the repair
  5. Settlements covered by the Lifetime Warranty Certificate do not under any circumstances give the customer the right to delay or suspend payment to the bodyshop. In the event of incomplete or non-payment, the Lifetime Warranty Certificate becomes invalid.
  6.  The Lifetime Warranty Certificate is valid solely for the owner of record when the vehicle was painted and consequently, is not transferable.