Frame Repair is the Foundation

The frame is the skeleton of your vehicle.  Auto manufacturers design frames with strategic “crumple points” with the intent that if an accident occurs, the vehicle will be damaged and not the occupants.

Without proper auto frame straightening and repair, the integrity of the metal may still be compromised so that the vehicle frame is unable to protect occupants in the event of another collision.

Restoring your vehicle to pre-collision condition isn’t just about restoring its appearance, but also about restoring its ability to protect its driver and passengers.

Frame repair is critical to making sure a damaged car or truck runs correctly and smoothly after an accident.  If the frame is not repaired correctly after a crash, it can cause more damage to the vehicle over time.

Auto Frame Straightening

When you bring your damaged vehicle to a car frame repair shop, the repair technician will inspect the frame carefully, using precision technology to assess the damage and the structural integrity of the metal.

In cases of minor damage, the technician will use computerized equipment to calculate precise alignment and bend the frame back to its original position. This is often enough to restore the vehicle to its proper safety rating.

frame straightening

Frame straightening is the process of bending metal back into original shape. Auto body shops employ computerized tools to determine correct alignment with the most precision and accuracy, and an ultrasound machine is also used to measure the degree of damage. If done correctly, the frame can be restored to its pre-collision condition.


Welding a Vehicle Frame

If the damage is too severe to restore integrity simply by bringing the frame back into place, the technician will turn to a process known as vehicle frame welding, in which he will cut out the damaged metal portions and weld new pieces into place. This process reinforces the frame at the damaged points so safety is restored.

If damage is too severe for frame straightening, the technician may recommend cutting out bent parts of the frame and welding in new pieces. Done correctly, the metal at the weld points provides the same structural integrity as the frame in its original condition. Contact us today if you believe your car may be in this condition.

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