Aluminum Wheel Repair


What You Should Know About Aluminum

Aluminum wheel repair requires a different process and different tools than working with steel or other metals.

Unlike steel, aluminum doesn’t have “metal memory”.  Reshaping aluminum to it’s original design is a more difficult process and requires the technician to have a high level of skill to perform this work.

Steel and aluminum are corrosive to each other.  This requires a separate, clean environment dedicated to aluminum repair only.  It also requires entirely separate tools that are only used on aluminum.  Using tools that have been used for steel repairs can cause damage to aluminum vehicles.

Welding aluminum is a different process, because aluminum conducts heat farther and faster than steel.  This means welding aluminum requires special welders and technicians trained to weld aluminum.

Excessive heat can compromise the strength and integrity of the metal, and improper welding can cause safety issues if the vehicle is later involved in an accident.

Classic Paint and Body has been doing aluminum wheel repair the right way for over 15 years.  We can weld, straighten, and paint any aluminum vehicle.

Why Use Aluminum?

With all of the challenges of aluminum repair, why do manufacturers use it? The answer is simple:  weight.  Aluminum, depending on the alloy used, is as stronger or stronger than steel, but can weigh 1/3 to 2/3 less than a comparable steel component.

Less weight means better fuel mileage, and can also mean better payload capacity and easier towing.

Many manufacturers now have aluminum-bodied vehicles, from Land Rover’s Ranger Rover, the new aluminum Porsche 911 sports car, and the Ford F-150 truck.


Classic Fixes America's Most Popular Truck

The Ford F-series trucks have been America’s most popular pick-up truck for 35 years.  Ford changed the game when it started to make the F-150 out of aluminum in 2015.

Classic repairs all aluminum vehicles, but has recently repaired a quite a number of F-150 trucks.

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